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1. Watch This Presentation To Find Out...

"Suberb work from you as always." ~ Dr. Manfred Alkhas

2. Smart Business Owners Know This...

A sea of consumers are searching the Internet around-the-clock looking to find local products and services - just like the ones you offer. But, here's the challenge...

Despite what many business owners think, statistics from ​Google indicate that most businesses are not very findable online.*

So, you're missing-out on new customers and sales. But, we can fix that...

​Our battle-tested AuthorityRank System gets your business in front of consumers when & how they search. Of course, that leads to more sales!

3. Tell Us About You

* Naturally, consumers who've not yet been introduced to your business would not search for your business name. But, they would use generic search terms for the types of products and services you offer. You need to be findable for these types of searches - or you miss out on the sales that are going to your competitors who are more findable online.

Facts From Google That Page 1 Business Owners Know - And Hope You Don't...

97% Consumers Searching Online For Products & Services
88% Searchers Taking Action Within A Day
90% Searchers Who Stay on Search Page 1

Here's another fact from Google: 1 out of every 5 Internet searches have local intent. That's a wake-up call for your business...if you want more sales.

~ San Jose SEO Don Roberts

This Is The Impact On Your Business...

"Integrating your search and social efforts brings better brand visibility and higher conversion rates." ~ Jim Yu, CEO, BrightEdge

UPDATED 4/8/2017 - Your eyes may glaze-over when someone mentions Search Engine Optimization (SEO - some even call it SEO optimization). Yet, with the overwhelming number of consumers going online to look for local products and services, you begin to realize that your business is getting left behind because it's most likely not easily findable online - for the search phrases consumers are actually using.

(Hint: Consumers will not search for your brand if they've never heard of you.)

And, to make things worse, your web-savvy competitors are certainly using SEO agency strategy to keep their businesses on Page 1 because they know they get a lot of new customers and sales growth from web traffic. Because of that, naturally, you're missing out on the sales they're getting. That's unfair to you.

Ask yourself this question: What's the lifetime value of your average customer? That's what you're missing out on - over and over again...

Here's How To Turn Your Predicament Around...

But, what's the best way to do this? One way is that you can take on a second job and spend a small fortune learning how to do search engine optimization from the top SEO experts. Or, you might try to get one of your staff up-to-speed on SEO best practices. But, you're probably going to end up being worse off than you are now.

But, it wouldn't be your fault because there are a lot of outdated SEO practices still being taught and practiced by many SEO consultants and agencies - that can get your business website buried even deeper in the search results than it is now. Obviously, that's not a wise move on your part...

A much better choice is to take advantage of our proven system to help bring you more customers and business growth. And, it's as easy as 1-2-3...

Here's What We Do...

1. Gather Intelligence & Establish Baseline

We collect vitally important information from you - and on the web - to determine the exact status of your online presence (or lack thereof). This forms an accurate baseline to build upon and measure performance from.

This is the same process that every one of the Fortune 500 companies use to ensure success from the start.

2. Assess Needs & Develop Strategy

Some SEO companies use a cookie-cutter approach (i.e., one-size-fits-all). We know those tend to fail and waste marketing dollars, time and energy.

Instead, we dial-in a custom SEO marketing plan tailored to your specific situation that includes our amazingly effective proprietary strategic elements that 99% SEOs have never heard of. Really. Think of it as our battle-tested "secret sauce".

3. Implement, Monitor, & Report

For the maximum ranking gains - and safety - we roll-out a phased execution plan of SEO services to get your business in front of the consumers who are looking for what you offer.

We monitor performance and provide progress reports along the way for your review.

About San Jose SEO Expert Don Roberts...

Don Roberts (SEO San Jose CA) speaking on small business marketing

Search Engine Marketing expert Don Roberts has been helping businesses across the country rank favorably in the search engines since 2007. Don:

  • Is a Certified Local Marketing Consultant, a Certified Sales Partner, a Certified SEO Professional, a graduate of Google's Webmaster Academy, and earned a Masters Degree in Systems Management from USC.
  • Masterminds with the Top SEO ninjas in the world which is great for you because Don can put strategies in place for your business online presence that 99% of other SEOs know nothing about.
  • Regulary dominates Page 1 of the search results which is amazing for you because your business can end up looking like the obvious choice to local consumers - which can make your phone ring more often and bring your business more sales.
  • Don's also has expertise in conversion (improving your call-to-action), video marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, press releases, and reputation management - which is really good for you because Don's SEO company can do it all for you...

What Others Are Saying...

"Awesome work. You guys are ten times more effective than [hidden]. I made the right choice."
~ Dr. Manfred Alkhas, DC (Chiropractor)

“Don has become a trusted adviser. His recommendations are spot-on.”
~ Jason Wells, Esq. (Attorney, Tempe, AZ)

"You guys are bad-assess. You're truly elite in your profession."
~ Russell Wright (Network Empire Co-Founder)

“Don is an educator and an advocate for the success of his clients.”
~ Jack Mize (3-Time Best-Selling Author and Local Marketing Expert)

"Easily one of the best SEO companies!"
~ Michael Baum (General Contractor & Best Selling Author, Long Beach, CA)

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Here's Proof - Judge For Yourself...

Top 3 search results positions

Imagine This...

...when you get results like these. What will you do with the extra sales that can come from dominating Page 1 of the search results?

By now, you realize that you can make your website work harder for your business. You now understand that you need to get your website onto Page 1 of the search results in order to increase the awareness of your business to consumers. In turn, you'll begin to grow your customer base. And, naturally, that will help you drive more sales - sales that you're currently missing out on.

Be Sure To Watch Out For This Trap...

You could continue doing what you're doing now - which is essentially giving away sales to your competitors. Or, you can take on a second job, and spend tens of thousands of dollars trying to learn the complicated strategies that make for effective SEO in 2015. But, why waste time and money doing it this way?

Join Other Smart Business Owners When You Do This...

Get national SEO Expert Don Roberts on your team. But, don't wait because once Don begins working with a given business type in a given city, he will not work with your competition in the same city. Other SEO companies will, but not Don. He's dedicated to you. Exclusive. Get Don on your team before your competitor does.

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