Small Business Marketing Advice Expert Don Roberts

Small Business Marketing Advice Expert Don Roberts

San Jose SEO expert Don Roberts is a recognized online marketing strategist who’s been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox News affiliates. He’s personally made select area businesses some of the most easily findable, well-known, and most desirable brands in their local marketplaces.

Don’s businesses specialize in making the Internet work 24/7 for his clients and coaching students. He’s the Founder and Chief Marketing Strategist at:

  • – Focuses on providing powerful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to business owners who have a marketing budget to dominate the search results.


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Digital Marketing Guide

Don was the Editor and Publisher of the “go to” guide on small business marketing called Digital Marketing Guide (DMG).

Each issue of DMG was packed with expert advice from top Internet marketing professionals who use the same proven strategies with their clients.

DMG was designed to show small business owners how to make their businesses more findable online…naturally leading to more sales.

Subject Matter Expertise

Don is a recognized expert in the following search engine marketing categories:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Small Business Marketing – Local Business Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Reputation Management Marketing
  • Press Release Marketing
  • Business Directory Marketing
  • Website Marketing

What Others Are Saying…

talk-bubble-3Don has received hundreds of reviews, as well as recommendations & endorsements for helping small business owners grow their businesses.

“Don is an educator and an advocate for the success of his clients.”
~ Jack Mize (3-Time Best-Selling Author and Local Marketing Expert)

“Don is my trusted adviser.”
~ Michael Baum (3-Time Angie’s List “Super Service” Luxury Home Builder)

“The quality of the responding customers has escalated nicely since you and your team have been on board.”
~ Don Vesey (Creator of the Wonderful Select Sleep Mattress)


Don Roberts Speaking In San Jose

Don Roberts Speaking In San Jose

Don speaks at national and international events, including:

  • The “World Connects Summit” in Toronto
  • Think Big New York
  • The “Commercial Short Sale Summit“, and
  • The “San Jose Real Estate Investors” organization

Don has been the Master of Ceremonies for the well-known “Mega Partnering” business wealth networking events. And, he has also appeared on ABC’s flagship radio station KABC in Los Angeles.

Gene Simmons and Don Roberts in Los Angeles

Gene Simmons and Don Roberts in Los Angeles

Don has shared the stage with business tycoons, including:

  • Gene Simmons (KISS founder & merchandising mogul)
  • George Ross (Donald Trump’s right-hand man)
  • Jay Abraham (Marketing Legend)
  • Joe Sugarman (Marketing Legend)
  • Rudy Giuliani (Former Mayor of New York)
  • Nideo Qubein (Chairman of Great Harvest Bread)
  • Robert Kiyosaki (Founder of Rich Dad)
  • Blair Singer (Co-Founder of Sales Partners Worldwide)
  • Bruce Buffer (Branding Expert)
  • JT Foxx (Business Coach)
  • Raymond Aaron (Business Coach)

Don speaks on the subjects of online marketing strategy, business building, and business relationship building.


Certified Local Marketing Consultant Seal

Certified Local Marketing Consultant Seal

Don is a Certified Local Marketing Consultant (CLMC) from the Marketing Mastery Association. He has studied under the “Who’s Who” of top Internet marketers in the world, including:

  • Jimmy Kelley (search results domination)
  • Mike Long (conversion & marketing)
  • Greg Morrison (SEO & networks)
  • Russell Wright (Neuromarketing & conversion)
  • Sue Bell (search data analysis & conversion)
  • Ryan Deiss (publishing & marketing)
  • Andy Jenkins (video)
  • Eben Pagen (product promotion)
  • Jack Mize (local marketing)
  • Dori Friend (SEO & networks)
  • Michael Taggart (local marketing & press releases)
  • Mike Koenigs (local marketing)
  • Barry Plaskow (Facebook & local marketing)
  • Brian Anderson (local marketing)
  • Keith Baxter (SEO & press releases)
  • Paul Clifford (press releases)
  • Amy Porterfield (Facebook)
  • Dr. Ben Adkins (Facebook)
  • Don Crowther (social media)
  • Peter Garety (traffic generation), and
  • …dozens more

Don brings the benefit to his clients from having some of the top business coaches in the world, including:

  • Robert Kiyosaki (Founder of Rich Dad)
  • Blair Singer (Founder of Sales Partners Worldwide)
  • George Ross (Donald Trump’s Right-hand Man)
  • JT Foxx (Founder of Mega Partnering), and
  • Raymond Aaron (Business Expert)

Don is a Certified Sales Partner. He also has a Masters Degree in Systems Management from USC.

Community & Giving

Living Water International

Don is a champion for providing clean water for third-world villagers who have no access to clean water. And, thanks to the awareness brought about by his business adviser George Ross (of “The Apprentice” TV show), Don also supports the St. Jude Children’s Hospital organization.

Don is also a long-time lender to numerous small business owners located around the world through Don likes to help other entrepreneurs achieve their dreams…especially the ones who are taking their first steps.

Don volunteers his time in the elementary school system, as well as in youth soccer.


Don loves the Internet and the opportunities it makes available to anyone who is open to it’s possibilities. Don credits his success to his mentors in the Internet marketing and business development communities.

In a room full of musical instruments, Don will be on the drums. His favorite car is the amazing Tesla Model S. And, his vacation of choice takes him to the truly scenic Sedona, AZ.

Don loves pro basketball…his team is The Lakers. Don’s favorite TV shows are 24, House of Cards, and The Black List. He likes Jason Bourne-style & Mission Impossible-like movies…and just about anything from Tom Clancy and Pixar.

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