Influencer Marketing – How to Create a Successful Influencer Campaign

In order to create an effective influencer campaign, you must consider the following factors: Authenticity, Target audience, KPIs and Platforms. Below are some of the most important aspects to consider:


When developing an influencer campaign, authenticity is key. Influencers should only promote products they truly believe in and use. If they feel that way about a product, their audiences will also be more likely to buy it. To create a truly authentic influencer campaign, consider the following example:

Choose an influencer who specializes in your industry. Influencers who focus on beauty will likely work with makeup brands, skincare lines, or haircare products. In contrast, influencers promoting a car or a computer would make no sense at all. Choose an influencer who works within the same industry to ensure a successful influencer campaign. Here are a few tips to ensure authenticity. Check out these tips to ensure your campaign is authentic:

Target audience

Before planning your influencer campaign, you need to gather information on your target audience. For instance, you should know that the majority of Instagram followers live in the United States, while only 19 percent live in Ireland. This means that it is imperative to know when the best times are to post your posts to reach out to your audience. Knowing your target audience’s location will help you plan when to post your content. And if your target audience is not the same as your product’s customers, you need to know how to reach them.

You can use the influencer’s audience to promote your product. For example, if your brand is a sports drink, you should target millennial dads under 35. This audience is most likely to watch sports on television. And if your influencer is a blogger, he or she can help your brand promote their brand. The best influencers are those who have a high level of engagement on social media. Depending on the content they produce, they might offer tips and tricks for using a product or service.


There are some important KPIs to look for when launching an influencer marketing campaign. Social sentiment is one of them. People use social networks to connect, and they are likely to be more receptive to emotional messages. To get the best results from an influencer marketing campaign, it is essential to track social sentiment. To do this, measure how often people save or share content, as well as their interest and opinion on a particular topic.

The CTR is another important metric to track, as it shows how many times an influencer’s content is viewed by people. If the CTR is low, it is likely that the influencer’s content isn’t driving referral traffic or converting visitors into customers. However, a higher CTR means that the influencer is having an impact on the audience. You can calculate CTR by adding UTM parameters to your links and measuring referral traffic to your site.


There are many platforms available to run an influencer campaign. Choosing one is easy as long as you know where to look and how to use them. AspireIQ, for example, provides a self-service platform for influencer marketing, which lets you connect with 150,000+ creators on all major social media platforms. This platform is perfect for both agencies and brands creating their own campaigns. It also helps you manage and track your creators’ data.

The best influencer marketing platforms are built around the idea of bringing brands and influencers together in a single place. Refersion is one of the more popular platforms, as it recognizes both sides of the influencer marketing transaction. A quick check of its portal will show you what it takes to make a successful influencer campaign. On the other hand, StoryClash is geared towards the content aspect of influencer marketing, and its software is equipped with powerful tools and well-honed technology.

Engagement rate

If your brand wants to get more people to interact with your social media content, a high engagement rate can help. In a study by RivalIQ, we analyzed 600,000 Instagram posts from twelve verticals. We found that an influencer with a high engagement rate has a more loyal following. This higher level of engagement reflects that a brand is more trustworthy. In addition, a high engagement rate increases your brand’s chances of achieving its revenue targets.

An engagement rate is important because it shows how close an influencer’s followers are to their content. If an influencer can increase their engagement rate by 100 percent, they have achieved their goal. While no campaign can produce perfect results, a high engagement rate indicates success and closeness to their audience. To measure your influencer’s engagement rate, divide the number of likes and comments by the total number of followers, and multiply the result by 100.

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