Marketing to Gen Z

Gen Z is different from other generations in that they prefer to see real customers in promotional materials, rather than paid spokespersons. According to a new study, 82% of Gen Z trust a brand more when the spokespeople are real consumers. They also find product videos and photos to be particularly helpful in making a purchase decision. That’s why it’s important to have a user-generated content strategy as part of your marketing to Gen Z strategy. Today, social media makes it simple to ask your customers to share their experiences with the product or service.

Creating eye-catching visual content

When it comes to marketing to Gen Z, there are several things you must know before you can do it. First, it is important to realize that Gen Zers have a short attention span. They read only eight seconds worth of content before they move on to the next thing. Second, you must realize that Gen Zers prefer visual content. The most compelling and effective visual content will engage your audience’s interests and drive conversions.

Creating eye-catching visual content for marketing on social media is essential to attract Gen Z consumers. The majority of Gen Zers use their smartphones to access the internet, which means that you need to have an engaging visual style. Videos that are less than a minute long are the best choice, as people will likely want to skip them. Secondly, if you are trying to attract a Gen Z audience, you must use the right language. If you use a jargon that is not relatable, it will be difficult for your audience to understand your brand.

Investing in a community

The investment world has undergone a transformation and Gen Z are the future investors. Many of them want to create social impact while building wealth. According to a study by Investopedia, one-third of Gen Z have only a beginner’s knowledge of credit. Despite this, Gen Z are enthusiastic about investing. The survey shows that 54 percent of Gen Z have invested in some type of asset, which may include mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, cryptocurrency, and other non-fungible tokens.

Investing in a community for Gen Z means making your investment available to a younger audience. Because Gen Z values practicality and community, they are likely to invest in a community where their neighbors are friendly and willing to share their wealth. As a result, investing in a community for Gen Z is an excellent way to attract this demographic and attract their future buyers. Listed below are some tips on how to attract Gen Z investors.


Gen Z is more concerned with authenticity than ever. They want to be a part of a cause and want to know that the brand is authentic and real. As a result, brands must be transparent about their practices and ethical standards. Whether it is taking a stand on a social issue or being transparent about its own practices, Gen Z is demanding authenticity is critical for brands to connect with this generation.

As the first mobile-native and digital-centric generation, Gen Z consumers are extremely aware of false advertising and ‘hype’ in marketing. They have highly sophisticated filters and will not engage with a brand that cannot make its case within a matter of seconds. To make sure you’re reaching these customers, you must ensure that your marketing campaigns reflect the diversity of Gen Z. The Gen Z audience is also interested in a brand’s mission and values.


While a strong product and solid service are essential to building a brand, it doesn’t hurt to be diverse. When customers and clients see themselves reflected in a company’s culture and leadership, they will often put their dollars and loyalty into it. Diversity and inclusion in marketing can help attract Gen Z, as this generation values inclusiveness. Below are some ways brands can do this. You may already be doing it, but there’s no better time than now to begin.

First and foremost, Gen Z values inclusivity. They expect the world to celebrate diversity and acceptance of people from all backgrounds, and they have high expectations for brands. They are also known for questioning authority, questioning the status quo, and raising awareness about issues that are important to them. They have very different perspectives than any other generation, and they’re more likely to be influenced by brands that are diverse than others. By understanding the perspectives and interests of Gen Z, you can create a brand that appeals to them.

Online advertising fatigue

A recent study found that one in four Gen Zers say that online ads are more influential than TV or print ads when they are making purchases. In contrast, only 9% say that they are less influenced by ads. This means that online ads can still be very effective for reaching a younger audience. However, it’s crucial for brands to ensure that they have the right message for Gen Z. It’s important for brands to be creative and tailor their messages to their audiences.

One of the biggest challenges for marketers targeting this generation is that they often don’t know how to reach this group. The fact is that they spend more time on multiple digital platforms than their predecessors. On average, a millennial is on three screens at one time, while a Gen Z consumer is on five. The generation also has a shorter attention span and does not like pop-ups or non-skippable ads. They also don’t care for long-form content and will skip a video ad after 9.5 seconds, whereas Generation X will wait for 12.6 seconds before they skip an ad.

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