The Best Email Marketing Examples

If you’re looking for email marketing examples, you’ve come to the right place. Amazon isn’t the only company using this tactic to entice customers to make a purchase. Check out Shopify, JetBlue, and Dropbox as some of the most effective examples. The email also suggests additional items the customer may like to add to their collection. In addition, universities aren’t excluded. Durham University’s campaign promotes a virtual alumni day on Zoom, explaining why it’s happening and providing additional information.


You might be surprised to learn that Zillow sends out an email to new subscribers after they sign up for an account. The message is simple, but highly effective: It uses a GIF as the hero image and shows three types of homes. The body of the email includes a short description of the brand and links to download the app, save searches, and favorite homes. While these emails may seem unrelated to real estate, they demonstrate how Zillow uses email marketing to keep its subscribers informed.

For example, Zillow uses YouTube and City-Data to advertise on real estate. This allows it to tap into a highly targeted audience that is heavily interested in the topic of real estate. Furthermore, Zillow uses contextual targeting to show ads to users based on their location and interests. These tactics can be effective for Zillow because they target consumers across the entire sales funnel. For instance, the advertisements on City-Data and Youtube likely target people in the consideration, decision-making, and decision-making stages.


In addition to e-commerce email marketing, Shopify offers a number of different design options. You can use a pre-header text, subject line, and email newsletter design. While these templates provide many options, it is crucial to remember your brand’s color scheme and visuals. This can help you convert customers. Here are some Shopify email marketing examples. You can use them to improve your email marketing strategy. For example, you can use a countdown timer in your email, which syncs with the countdown timer on your product page.

When choosing a platform to use for email marketing, consider the pros and cons of different email marketing templates. Shopify is a great choice for beginners and does not require a large amount of technical expertise. Shopify’s free email templates can be used on any email marketing platform, whether you’re using Mailchimp, Hubspot, or other email marketing services. You can also use Mailchimp email marketing templates to learn more about how email marketing works.


There are many ways to improve your email marketing campaign, and JetBlue does just that. For instance, this clever re-engagement email hints that JetBlue is feeling a little heartbroken and hopes that readers will consider reactivating their account. The JetBlue email is also filled with social buttons, which remind readers that they are not the only people who receive the email. It’s a nice touch and increases overall engagement, which will protect your deliverability.

One of the most striking aspects of JetBlue’s marketing is their lovable approach to communication. The company’s e-marketing campaign aims to re-engage customers by combining witty points with an actionable CTA. While promotional, the email copy reads as friendly and relatable. You’ll definitely get a positive response when you show your customers that you understand their needs and concerns. And remember, you have no time limit for your email campaign.


If you are looking for a great example of an email that will make people want to sign up for Dropbox, you’ll want to look at a few of these campaigns. These emails have the hallmarks of a highly effective email marketing campaign, including a short message, a clear call-to-action, and an entertaining theme. Dropbox follows a similar pattern with their other email marketing examples, ensuring that they deliver an experience that users will enjoy.

For example, Dropbox used a friendly “come back” email that reminded people to download their free Dropbox app. This email featured cartoons and emoticons to make it seem less like a sales pitch, while at the same time reminding them that Dropbox is an awesome service. Dropbox’s email was particularly effective because it centered the recipient, creating a personalized relationship. This tactic entails following up with your recipients regularly.


When you’re looking for email marketing examples, Nerdwallet might be a good place to start. Nerdwallet’s success is a testament to the power of content marketing. The company ranked for three times as many keywords as its closest competitor. In addition, 30 to 50 percent of its organic search traffic is from brand-related keywords. Tim Chen found the key to success was a two-pronged approach: valuable content and intentional link-building. This approach helped Nerdwallet’s content get out there and compete against the behemoths of the credit card industry.

The company’s email marketing examples highlight its value proposition and focus on the benefits of its product. Nerdwallet’s email outlines the advantages of using its service and encourages new leads to start using the tool. The email’s CTA is clearly written and has a clear call to action. Despite its limited audience, Nerdwallet has already raised $64 million in funding. The company’s strategy has expanded to include mortgages and bank accounts.

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