Top 5 Content Trends for 2019

Among the many content trends for 2019 is podcasting. This new form of content has many benefits. It allows companies to tap into a broader audience than they would have with a traditional piece of writing. Podcasts can be about anything, from true crime to financial education. In fact, 60% of podcast listeners will go to search for a product they have heard about in a podcast. That means you need to start creating podcast content now!

User-generated content

Consumer-generated content is an incredible marketing resource. By showcasing the work of real people, brands can increase brand recognition and engagement. User-generated content, on the other hand, can provide a unique sign of authenticity to the brand. Brands can use this trend to create a more authentic and relatable brand. In addition, they can leverage the power of the internet to spread their brand narratives to a wider audience.

User-generated content can take on many forms, from blogs and Internet forums to wikis, which allow anonymous editing. This type of content is becoming more popular, with examples including social networking sites and media hosting sites. It has also spawned a growing number of online communities that offer a platform for users to interact and share their stories. Some critics argue that the emergence of user-generated content is a threat to the freedom of speech of individuals and privacy.

Video content

As social media channels increase in popularity, more marketers are making use of video content. In fact, 78% of people watch videos each week, and 55% watch them daily. Moreover, 54% of consumers want to see more videos from brands and businesses this year. Here are some of the biggest trends in video content. The video industry is rapidly growing. To take advantage of these trends, you must understand what the audience wants from your video.

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), videos are becoming a popular medium. The search engines like YouTube, as they favor videos because of their high-intent content. You can use keywords in your titles, descriptions, and thumbnail images to boost your rankings. Moreover, video SEO will allow you to increase your search engine rankings. For this, use the same keyword for your title, subtitles, and description. Once these elements are optimized, your video will rise higher in search engine results.

Interactive content

Interactive content is becoming a popular medium for B2B marketers to engage with their audience. Interactive content has become a must-have for companies that want to stand out in the digital landscape. Consumers today have an overwhelming amount of content to consume, and to stand out, your content must be different. Interactive content goes beyond just informing your audience; it requires them to be active participants. The goal is to get people to actively engage with your content and become more knowledgeable about your product or service.

Some interactive content is as simple as a calculator. It can be used to calculate complicated equations or evaluate a user’s standing. For example, the CPA firm Kaufman Rossin created an interactive tax calculator for foreign-owned corporations in the US. The tool provided users with a comparison of state and federal taxes in states where there is heavy foreign investment. Another example of interactive content is MTNOnline’s calculator, a Nigerian telecom company that provides customers with instant answers.


Surveys are an excellent content trend to use to generate fresh content ideas. People often use their own experience to try to understand new concepts and topics, but surveys can provide valuable insight into the opinions of all groups. For example, a survey may reveal how people feel about certain topics and how they can use that information to make better decisions. These insights are useful for content creation and marketing efforts. This content trend is growing in popularity as it allows content creators to collect a wealth of data to enhance their writing and content.

Using surveys to create new content is a proven way to generate above-average linkable content at a low cost. Surveys can also be an effective way to uncover customer pain points. In an ideal world, understanding customer pain points can be applied to every business practice, including marketing. Survey results can be leveraged to create blogs, reports, and case studies that address these pain points. For the B2B segment, surveys can be a great way to generate new content that appeals to customers.

Augmented reality

One of the hottest tech trends is augmented reality. With an estimated 810 million users on mobile phones, the market for augmented reality is expected to hit 1.1 billion by 2022. But how will brands leverage the power of AR? It is still early days and the future of augmented reality isn’t entirely clear, but here are some trends we can expect to see in the near future. Here are some of the top ways brands can use this technology to increase brand awareness and conversion rates.

AR has been revolutionizing the way we socialize online. The days of simple face filters are over as users can now experience augmented content that reacts to their motion. It can even be used during live streaming. Many companies are taking advantage of this trend as a marketing strategy. Because common mobile phones can support AR content, it’s no longer a futuristic technology. Rather, it can be applied in real life today and become a marketing tool for a variety of businesses.

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