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Example of a high-quality Done-For-You social post for a

People like reading interesting tips & facts, and they like sharing them with their friends on Facebook.

Naturally, when interesting things get shared, new prospects often find out about businesses that they've never heard of before. And, that can lead to new patients for a chiropractic practice.

Although many chiropractors are chock-full of tips & facts, it takes time & energy to actually write all those social posts. And, that's why their Facebook page hasn't been updated in a long time - and looks like a ghost town. Most chiropractors just don't have enough time in their day to write social posts - let alone what to write about.

It's probably not surprising to know that social media marketing companies that do social posting for businesses often charge $600 to $1,000 on up per month. But, if you act fast, YOU can get posts like the ones you see on this page for only $1 for the first week. I'll even arrange for the posts to be...well posted for you. Then, the investment is as little as $297 every 28 days*. That's discounted from as little as $397.

That's great for you because you'll have engaging, high-quality, and shareable Facebook image posts - and you'll save $200 to $600 or more over what's typically charged. And, you won't have to create even one image - unless you want to.

image of Another example of a shareable, high-quality social post.

Another example of a shareable, high-quality social post.

Image of One more example of the high-quality, share-worthy chiro social posts

One more example of the high-quality, share-worthy chiro social posts

What to do now...

By now it's making sense to take advantage of this limited-time offer, and get one high-quality social post posted every day** without you having to do anything - except perhaps answer the phone when a new prospect calls. 

NOTE - This offer is good through 1/15/2021, then the $297 offer goes away and the 28-day rate increases to at least $397. Act now to get your special pricing.****

You must contact Don before the timer hits zero.


Sample Inspirational Image Posts

* The is a $597 $497 set-up fee, and it covers the first 28-day period.

** As the subscription continues, the social post graphics will eventually begin repeating after approximately 6 to 12 months depending on the graphic theme. The beautiful collection of posts are timeless & will seem new at the time to the new page visitors. Images are copyrighted and shall not be considered to be the property of the client. Client cannot sell / re-sell the images or give them away to a third party for any reason. Don Roberts and DonRoberts.com has the right to make the same images available to other chiropractors.

*** Sharing inspirational quotes with Facebook business page followers is proven to help bond people to a business brand.

**** Client provides two logos in ".png" format (one with coloring to contrast with light backgrounds & one to contrast with dark backgrounds. Background must be transparent on both logos.