How Our Google Ads Fraud Blocking System Works

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What It Does

The Google Ads management consulting service at Small Business Marketing includes a powerful ad fraud blocking system that stops fraud in its tracks. Our solution analyzes, detects, and prevents your ads from appearing in Google search results that we suspect are fraudulent or invalid.

How It Does It

To achieve this, we closely monitor your inbound web traffic and look for any irregular behaviors that could indicate bot activity, non-human sources, or even competitors. Some examples of these irregular behaviors include:

  • Highly repetitive clicks in a short period of time
  • Misleading referral data from sources
  • Users with headless browsers that lack a graphical interface
  • Mismatched countries of origin, and
  • Traffic sources that spend less than a second on your website due to accidental clicks.

We also keep an eye out for VPN, TOR, or other privacy-enabled servers that bots often use to hide their identity.

In addition, we import IP blacklists from public sources like and keep an eye out for an unusually high ratio of IP addresses from a single visitor’s device. Our detection system is robust and constantly evolving to stay ahead of fraudsters.

What Happens When We Identify Suspect Behavior

Once we identify an invalid or fraudulent source, we record their IP address, device ID, and other fingerprints. Their fraud score increases if their behavior matches any of the irregular patterns we’ve noted. Once their score reaches 7 out of 10, we consider that source to be invalid or fraudulent.

Then We Do This

To ensure your ads are protected, we promptly add the corresponding invalid IP addresses to the IP exclusion list in your Google Ads account in near real-time. You can easily view and manage these exclusions within the Google Ads account.

We understand that you may be using multiple advertising channels, which is why we offer the flexibility to download the list of bad IPs directly from our proprietary fraud blocking dashboard. We can then import these lists to other advertising platforms such as Microsoft Ads (AKA, Bing Ads), Ad Roll, and more.

With our ad fraud blocking solution, you can rest assured that your ads will only serve to legitimate and valuable sources. Say goodbye to fraudulent traffic and hello to a more effective advertising strategy.

Wrapping It Up

Fraudulent ad clicks can account for half or more of your Google Ad spend. Join with the savvy small business owners who choose to have their ad spend be as productive as possible at attracting new customers and sales to you business.

Call us at (408) 890-6395 to discuss how you can improve your experience with Google Ads – and make your marketing dollars are productive as possible.

Best, Don Roberts

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