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Digital Marketing Strategist for Small Business

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Are you looking for a reliable way to get more customers & sales for your business? If so, you're in the right place. We've got a track record of doing just that.

Since smart business owners want to invest marketing dollars wisely, you will appreciate knowing about the reports from Google indicating how the vast majority of today's consumers are finding local products & services.

And, while the volume of this consumer traffic is considerable, there is another abundant source of consumer traffic.

We put both of these to work for our clients...

How we deliver customers & sales

Essentially, we make your brand more findable online.

Of course, other small business marketing companies attempt to do that, too. But, too many of them tend to employ an under-powered approach - that tends to get more limited results.

We combine the significant power of advanced Internet marketing strategies with the insane reach of Facebook marketing.

That combination can typically deliver even more customers & sales - and sooner - compared to other small business marketing agency services.

What others are saying about us...

"I started getting service calls as soon as we launched the website...5 stars for Don!! He's the real thing!!"
~ David G (HVAC Contractor, Pleasanton, CA)

"Easily one of the best SEO companies!"
~ Michael B
 (General Contractor & Best Selling Author, Long Beach, CA)

“Don has become a trusted adviser. His recommendations are spot-on.”
~ Jason W, Esq. (Attorney, Tempe, AZ)

"You guys are bad-assess. You're truly elite in your profession."
~ Russell W (Network Empire Co-Founder)

"What a concept...a small business marketing firm that delivers."
~ Don Vesey (Mattress Manufacturer)

Small Business Marketing 101

In the section below, my intent is to bring business owners up-to-speed quickly with a clear explanation of what's working in small business marketing, what's not, and how you can take advantage of the best practices for your business. By reading the helpful information below, you'll discover exactly what you need to start doing now for your business to help you attract more customers and sales to your business. 

First things first. Let's touch on the term "small business".

image of digital marketing agency for small businesses

Rated by clients: "best digital marketing strategist for small businesses".

Definition - Small Business

The term "small business" does not automatically equate to a "mom & pop" grocery store. The Small Business Administration says that a small business is defined as a business having up to 250 employees (or up to 1,500 employees depending on the business type). With 28 million small businesses making up 99.7% of all US companies, "small business" is actually "big business" for the US economy.

It's highly likely that your business fits squarely into the definition of "small business". So, you'll want to keep reading to find out what Google is reporting on where businesses are getting the most of their new customers from in 2019. And, I'll show you how to attract even more...

Next, let's take a quick look at the term "digital marketing".

Definition - Digital Marketing

A digital marketing agency typically provides one or more Internet marketing services for small business owners who realize they need help in order to be competitive online. 

Some online marketing firms specialize in just one thing - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or paid advertising. Other Internet marketing companies offer two or more services - including services for social media, video, content, chatbots, website creation, etc. Or some combination of these.

The most valuable type of digital marketing strategist for small businesses is willing to assist business owners with occasional offline services, like postcard advertising mailings, customer review card printing, etc.

Here's what Google is reporting on how today's consumers are finding local products & services...

The heyday for phone book ads has long since passed. And, so many coupon mailers get thrown out soon after they arrive in the mailbox. Radio and TV ads are too expensive and don't seem to work very well for small businesses.

These marketing channels have been replaced by consumers using the Internet on their mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

97% of consumers first turn to the Internet to look for information on local products and services." ~ Google

Any competent digital marketing strategist for small business knows that - in 2021 - the vast majority of consumers use the Internet to start their searches for local products & services using the Internet. Here's what else we know...

"46% of searches have a local intent" ~ Google

That's amazing for you because the consumers are actively looking on the Internet for the types of products and services that your business offers.

You may be unaware of this, but the majority of that searcher traffic comes from the first page of the search results.

"90% of searchers never go past the first page of search results" ~ Google

Naturally, business owners who realize this want their business website to be on Page 1 of the search results. And, when you consider the state of the consumers' readiness to buy, it's even more important to have favorable search results placement for your business website.

"88% of searchers take action within a day" ~ Google

It's clear that the Internet is a powerful source of new business for small business owners. Now, let's take a look at how online marketing companies try to take advantage of these facts for their clients...

Here's what typical marketing companies do...

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) activities - Typical Internet marketing firms limit their approach to only using SEO methods in the attempt to help their clients gain favorable search results placement. They may throw some video into the mix to help out, but it's SEO that's their focus - and oftentimes, outdated schemes and loopholes.

Simplified Definition - Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In everyday terms, SEO is the process of attempting to influence the search engine companies to favorably place one or more specific website pages in the search results. Typically, Internet marketers focus on getting important website pages on the first page of the search results - and as close to the top as possible - because doing so can typically generate more visitor traffic to a business website than if the website was positioned deeper in the search results.

SEO is typically consists of two parts. That is, it's made up of an on-site SEO element & an off-site SEO element. 

On-site SEO involves making certain modifications to a business website to make it more search-engine-friendly. Unfortunately, most business websites do not default to naturally being "search-engine-friendly". And, without the knowledge of current SEO best practices, it can be easy to over-do on-site SEO.

Off-site SEO typically involves marketing practices being performed over time on other websites on the Internet for the purpose of benefiting the client's business website search results placement. This is an area that often gets abused by the "churn & burn" style of SEO consultants who continue to employ outdated tricks & schemes in the attempt to fool the search engines. Note: The search engine companies don't like that...

The challenge - An issue with SEO (that is "done the right way") is that it can take six to nine months for a business owner to start seeing the true benefits of SEO efforts. More specifically, that is noticing increasing customers & sales. 

For the moment, just remember that SEO "done correctly" takes some time. But, when it finally hits.

Risky SEO marketing practices - In the attempt to drastically shorten the timeline to success, many SEO marketing companies typically engage in aggressive & often risky practices (e.g., tricks, schemes, & loopholes).

Of course, that can end up doing more harm than good.

When Internet marketing companies attempt to make quick gains in the search results listings, their success can be short-lived because the favorable results can fade away about as fast as they first arrived. That's because the risky methods frequently get discovered by the search engine companies' search results ranking algorithms (computer code that helps determine search results ranking order).

Some SEO consultants still use outdated schemes or outright "blackhat" techniques to trick the search engines. The all-too-common spammy practices get identified fairly easily by the search engines these days, and the offending website can get penalized in the search results (read: buried in the search results - or outright banned). Definitely not good...

Important point - Proven SEO best practices take time. So, there's a natural tendency to accelerate the timeline. And, that can lead to big problems for the business owner's website.

Keep reading to find out about a better approach...

The virtually untapped opportunity...

The social media arena - More specifically, there's an amazing opportunity with Facebook. Now, stay with me on this - especially if you really don't "get" Facebook - because it can make a really big difference for your company.

With over 2 billion active users a month on Facebook, it's highly unlikely that your target consumer is not using Facebook - and using it frequently.

You may not be aware of this, but Facebook has an incredible database of consumer information - making it a goldmine for targeting specific demographics, consumer interests and behaviors.

Let that sink in for a moment...

Facebook can make it possible for you to directly zero-in on your actual target audience - that is to reach out to and communicate with those who you believe would be your ideal customers. Because of that, you are able to entice them to click-through to your offers or directly contact your business. Naturally, that can lead to more customers & sales.

Unfortunately for many business owners, a lot of local SEO services companies either don't know about the power of employing Facebook marketing for their clients - or they have no idea how to go about it without wasting a lot of the client's marketing dollars.

In fairness to other SEO firms, marketing in Facebook is a bit confusing, and it's certainly on the complicated side of things. Without Facebook marketing expertise, it can be easy to spend a lot of the client's money without any appreciable results. Of course, that's not good either...

Important point - The key take-away here is that with the right expertise on your side, Facebook can be a relatively quick and abundant source of new customers and sales for a business owner - all throughout the year. It's too bad that clients of other SEO agencies are missing out on this obviously lucrative opportunity.

Here's what we do...

By now, we've highlighted how other local marketing companies tend to focus mainly on using SEO practices alone. Again, it's not bad. It's just under-powered. And sometimes, they compound the problem employing overly-aggressive & outdated SEO practices.

"We take a different approach - a proven, better approach." ~ Don Roberts (Digital Marketing Strategist)

We double-dip for our clients - We combine the power of SEO (done the right way) with the power of Facebook marketing to maximize the flow of new customers and sales to business owners. While the benefits of our SEO efforts are building over time, we also get Facebook working for our clients to deliver even more customers & sales.

Oh, and we also make sure your business website feeds Google's RankBrain algorithm. It's all kind of like putting rocket fuel in your marketing - or having a powerful one-two punch combination. You get the idea.

And, whether you choose to go with us or another digital marketing agency for small business, just make sure that whoever works with you has a solid track record of getting results using Facebook marketing for their clients. Otherwise, your marketing efforts are simply starting off under-powered...

image of logo for digital marketing strategist Don Roberts

Get more customers delivered to your business

"...Glad I found this small business marketing agency near me...he does a great job for us even when he's on vacation!"

~ Oscar Cameron (General Contractor)

Our proprietary small business marketing approach is proven to:

  • Increase our client's brand awareness online, which is amazing for you because growing numbers of consumers become aware of your business over time.
  • Make our clients more findable online, which is great for you because your business becomes much easier to find - where your prospects are looking
  • Deliver more customers and sales, which is awesome for you because your business makes more money.

"Now I have a constant stream of new leads coming in every month...these guys have to be one of the best small digital marketing companies in USA..."  ~ Lance Willester (HVAC service)

What to do now...

By now, you're probably thinking about how much more desirable our digital marketing agency for small businesses approach is. 

Let's chat about the findability of your business online. Call us at (408) 890-6395 to chat about how strong your business is online.

Image of digital marketing strategist for small business strategist Don Roberts

Don Roberts

Digital Marketing Consultant

Don Roberts is nationally recognized  digital marketing optimization expert in the small business marketing community. Don is the Founder & Chief Marketing Strategist of one of the top digital marketing consulting companies for small businesses -  He is well known for creating profitable Internet marketing promotions that boost brand awareness and sales by making businesses more findable online. Don is a an SEO Strategist, Certified Local Marketing Consultant, a Certified Professional Internet Marketer, a Certified Email Marketing Specialist, a Certified Sales Partner, and a Facebook marketing & Google Ads marketing strategist. Don regularly masterminds with many of the most talented Internet marketing experts in the world.