Increase Your Sales By Having Us Help Make Your Business More Findable Is The Search Results

San Jose consumers are using Google and other search engines to find local products and services.

We deliver customers to business owners by making their businesses more findable in the search results.

Facts About San Jose CA Consumers

There are about 1 million people in San Jose California. As a business owner, not knowing the following facts means you're missing out on a lot of sales...

  • "97% of consumers search for local products & services online before they decide whether or not to call or visit." ~ Google
  • "88% take action within a day." ~ Google
  • "90% of searchers don't go past the first page of search results." ~ Google
  • "One out of every five searches on Google has local intent, which means the searcher typed "city or town + something they want." ~ Google

Marketing Your Brand

Why You Should Care...

Whether you realize it or not, your small business website is the home of your brand on the Internet. And, it can easily be one of your top performing sales tools - if you let it. But, there's a problem...

image of Get on the front page of the search engines with (SEO agency San Jose) - image by

Get on the front page of the search engines with (SEO agency San Jose) - image by imagechef

Here's Your Problem...

The trouble is that, while there are many consumers in San Jose, you have many competitors - not only in your field, but also in the search results. That's a problem because there's only room for 10 businesses on the first page of Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Smart business owners get their businesses on Page 1 because they know that from Google's statistics above, being on Page 2 (and beyond) equals less visibility. And, less visibility means your missing-out the sales going to the businesses who are on Page 1.

The best way to get on Page 1 is to get a proven local SEO expert (search engine optimization) working for your business.

image of timeline to increase sales

What Is SEO And What Do SEO Agency Experts Do?

Search Engine Optimization is literally optimizing a website (and other online properties) to work closely with the search engines so that they have a very clear idea of what a particular website (or website page) is about. Professional digital marketing experts also know that it's also about connecting relevant, high-authority websites to the website (and other online assets) for a particular business. The latter is perceived by the search engines as a vote of confidence for the website being linked to.

SEO is part "art" and part "science". There are numerous basic and advanced things to assess on a website (like titles, keywords, contents, anchor texts, links, backlinks, etc.). That's the "science" part. The "art" part is the natural of strategy elements and how they're employed to "optimize" everything for the search engine bot website crawlers.

What Happens When SEO Is Done Wrong?

When the marketing campaign is done wrong, it typically results in a disaster for the business. This occurs because there are a lot of SEO consultants who claim expert status - and go on to guarantee to get your business at the top of the search results index. The reality is that many are either inexperienced or they employ spammy SEO techniques that have long since been identified by Google and the other search engines. That's bad...

Image of Many SEOs use spam techniques to temporarily rank your website. Then it tanks.

Many SEOs use spam techniques to temporarily rank your website. Then it tanks.

And, alarmingly, even some of the most well-known San Jose SEO services companies engage in spammy SEO techniques, but claim on their website that they don't engage in "blackhat" activities (a nod to the cowboy days where good guys wore white hats and bad guys wore black hats). We know they actually try for top rankings by placing spammy backlinks out on the World Wide Web because we've gone to the trouble of clicking through & checking the quality of their work (or lack thereof). They may get a quick pop for ranking your websites. But, Google hates spam. And, soon thereafter, the gain ranking for your business website plummets when Google eventually discovers the spammy practices. That means you're website won't be very findable online - often getting buried in the search index. And, that means fewer sales.

The best way to go...

A Proven San Jose SEO Expert

Don Roberts uses his proprietary SEO marketing strategies - that no other digital marketing agency San Jose has access to. And, something exclusive to us is that we only work with one business in a given business type in a given city (e.g., just one chiropractor in a given city, one general contractor, etc.). For as long as you're a active client, we won't work with your competitors in your city. Others will, but we think you'd rather just have us working with you...rather than working with you AND against you, too.

Image of San Jose SEO expert Don Roberts

San Jose digital marketing expert Don Roberts

We think that your business deserves a quality website, quality content, quality videos, quality links, and quality ongoing SEO management. To get your business to the top of the search engine ranking, we do the work with our in-house team. No spammy links to your website by someone living on the other side of the world - who really doesn't care how your website ranks in Google's search index. We dial-in the SEO marketingon your website, and we make use of our relationships with high-authority websites on the Internet to provide high quality, relevant backlinks to your home on the Internet.

Don is a Certified Local Marketing Consultant, a Certified Sales Partner, a graduate of Google's Webmaster Academy, and a member of an elite SEO marketing San Jose mastermind group.

So, whether your business is located in the community of Alamitos, Almaden, Alum Rock, Berryessa, Cambrian Park, Downtown SJ, Evergreen, Japantown, Willow Glen, Robertsville, Rose Garden, North San Jose, South San Jose, West San Jose, or East San Jose, your business needs professional Internet marketing San Jose SEO company Then, look forward to getting more customers - and more sales.

Expect Great Results. Here's How It Works...

Increase Brand Awareness

Most businesses aren't very findable online. We know how to make sure consumers can find you easily.

Your Partner Online

You are great at what you do, and so are we. Together, we combine to make your business website work harder for you. And, we're easy to get a hold of.

Done In-House

Many of our competitors "outsource" the SEO tasks & just collect a mark-up. Our team SEO fanatics perform all Internet marketing efforts in-house.

Grow Customer Base

When your business is more findable on the Internet by local prospects, your phone starts to ring more.


We send you search results ranking updates, as well as keep you informed about important changes with the search engines that can affect your website.

Dominate Search Results

You might be happy with getting one spot on Page 1. We like getting you on Page 1 two or more times - crowding-out your competitors in the process.

Grow Sales

As more & more prospects contact your business, you start enjoying more sales.

SEO Magicians

We are fanatical about SEO. We mastermind frequently with the best SEO gurus on the planet - fine-tuning our proprietary system in the process.

Worry-free Agreements

We don't require long-term contracts. But, you should expect to be with us 6-8 months to see results fully kick-in. But, we're month-to-month.

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