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Use these tools to help you attract more ​customers & sales​

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Smart business owners use the tools on this page to increase brand awareness & sales

Smart business owners use the tools on this page to increase brand awareness & sales

Updated ​January 30, 2020 - You've got your business running, and ​you know you can handle more business. And, you want to ​attract more customers. So, where do you start? It's probably obvious, but smart business owners realize that if you're not marketing your business, your business is slowly dying.

If you want more customers and sales in the Age of the Internet, your business simply must be easily findable online. The truth is that ​with all of the competitors you have, your business is likely not very findable, That's because it's probably on Page 2 or beyond in the search results.

So, I've put together a list of my favorite small business marketing tools that any business owner can use to help make your business more findable online.

This list will change and grow over time, so keep checking back for the latest & best tools. OK, it's time to start taking advantage.

Please feel free to contact me should you need any assistance.

Don Roberts​ (Digital Marketer in San Jose CA)

Website ​Audit Tool - SEO Checker

Get your free website audit using our free ​SEO Checker tool

​The average business website has numerous unseen problems that negatively impact its findability online (where most consumers start looking nowadays). Smart business owners use our website audit tool to see how strong their business websites are in the search engines.

Our free SEO checker tool audits your business website and analyzes its search-engine-friendliness, including its state of mobile-device-responsiveness. You'll get a report showing you specific areas for improvement that can help your business become more findable online. Get your SEO audit report here

​Customer Review Link Generator for Google My Business

image of Google Review Link Generator

​Use our ​free review link generator to get ahead of your competition

Google+ Customer Review Link Generator - Smart business owners know that customer reviews provide social-proof that their businesses are popular.

While Yelp reviews are certainly valuable to have, I argue that Google+ reviews are even more important because they can help a business rank better in the search results - AND can also visually stand-out among their competition.

Naturally, Google wants consumers using their Google My Business platform to find local businesses. Yet, ironically, Google makes it difficult for customers to actually be able to get directly to the place where consumers can provide the review. But, we've made it easy - using our Google+ Customer Review Link Generator tool